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never 2 old to start cooking
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Help me! Help me!
It's the little things.
Since we're not graced with the ability to grow another hand or two when we need the help, we have to rely on gadgets and other solutions to minor problems to not only make cooking more enjoyable, but also make the process more manageable.  There are lists in abundance of what gadgets the well-equipped kitchen should have (see, for instance, The Food Lab, a fantastic tool not only for it's recipes, but also for its pages and pages of suggested techniques, all further supported by reported research into the science of food preparation).  Since I work there I'll pitch Sur la Table as a fantastice place to shop for all your kitchen necessities.  They have more gadgets than you can imagine; their knowledgable staff is more than willing to help you evaluate your choices, whether advising you based on their own experience or the experience of their co-workers.  If not Sur la Table , I find restaurant supply establishments to be a gold mine (my go-to is Ace Mart Restaurant Supply ).  They will usually have what you're looking for - just be sure you need something, and usually a lot of it if it's something more than a gadget.  Here's my ever-growing list of little things that make cooking easier and more enjoyable.  
Thickness guides.

If your rolling pin will accommodate them, get you a set of rubber thickness guides for them.  Most of them come in sets of 4 (two of each thickness; one for each end of your rolling pin).  You'll get to where you really appreciate how easy it is to get your dough uniform for cutting cookies, etc. 

Vinyl gloves.  ( Ace Mart )

I keep a box mounted on the backsplash behind my sink.  They're great when you want to toss something in olive oil or a marinade, when handling onions or chicken, or when the best way to mix the ingredients in a recipe is to just get your hands into them.

Bamboo skewers/picks.  ( Sur la Table ; Ace Mart )

Great for fishing olives and pickles out of a jar, testing a cake to see if it's done, picking a piece of eggshell out of that egg you just cracked - on and on.

Spatulas.  ( Sur la Table )

At least for the way I cook, you can't have enough spatulas.  They are not that expensive, and when you're preparing food it's much easier to get a clean one than it is to stop and clean the one you just used.  And they come in small and large sizes; great for getting stuff out of measuring cups and the like.  Heck, you can even use a small one to get stuff off a larger one.

Prep bowls.  (
Sur la Table )

 Just like spatulas, it's hard to imagine having too many prep bowls.  It really is easier to prepare food when you take the time to get all of the ingredients out and ready - mise en place, s'il vous plaît - before you undertake the assembly process.

Canisters.  (
Sur la Table )

These are a must for flour and sugar; you'll always spill some if you try to just get it out of the bag.

Parchment paper, and more parchment paper.  (
Sur la Table ; Sam's for huge rolls; Ace Mart for pre-cut pan liners, but you need to be sure you need 1000 
of them)

Ideal for lining pans to facilitate clean-up, but also a great work surface cover when rolling dough on a floured surface.  I keep a large roll handy, along with 9" and 12" pre-cut rounds; pre-cut rectangular pieces are also very handy.

Plastic wrap with sliding cutter.  (
Ace Mart ; )

Place the box behind the bowl you're covering; pull the wrap out and over the bowl and down the side closest to you; cut the plastic and pull it down the side away from you.  It really is like having a helper.

Binder clips.  (
Office Depot )

Yes, these are not just for the office anymore.  They're a must for sealing packages, and much easier to use than those cutesy things you see hanging on the clips in the grocery aisles.

Bounty towels with Dawn.  (Your grocery store, if they have them.  I get mine at CVS.)

This is a fantastic product, and it makes clean-up a breeze, particularly when it's a single pan or just a couple of measuring cups with oil or butter in them.

Aluminum foil sheets. ( Ace Mart )

These are those foil sheets you see used in restaurants to wrap food.  They are great for leftovers, wrapping baked potatoes, placing under toast to keep crumbs from being such a mess, and the like.  Once you have them and keep them handy, the uses just keep on coming.